The Adventure Starts Here

Desire to Wander

We entered this world as wandering little adventurers, thinking back to when you were a kid how inquisitive you were? How you wanted to go everywhere and do everything. Somewhere over time we start to lose authentic energy for life. The pressures of the modern world slowly start to consume our inquisitive nature.

It is our purpose to inspire people to reconnect with that adventurous spirit.

Why travel with us?

We provide an unrivalled service and unique style of campervan to ensure you have and amazing experience from start to finish.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t any. All extras are included with no hidden costs, along with full comprehensive insurance and 24 roadside assist

How do you get started?

It’s simple - Choose your favourite campervan, choose your desired dates and book. Then set off for an adventure you’ll never forget.

Get out on the open road

Drop the windows and sing along to your favourite road trip songs, to seek out those mystic waterfalls, find new waves to surf, climb and hike new trails – just enjoy quality time off grid immersed in each other’s presence without distraction. Being able to unplug from those modern day trappings restore that balance, and create those fulfilling moments and memories that last a lifetime.